Agreements in Anticipation or in Lieu of Divorce

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Sometimes events in a marriage lead couples to consider divorce. Many times they believe that divorce is the only option. Though they may hear this from their families or their friends, the messages they’ll hear from our experienced lawyers may give them a new perspective. At Ostertag O’Leary Barrett & Faulkner, we often help clients create alternatives to divorce, including creation of postnuptial agreements.

Postnuptial Agreements — An Alternative to Divorce

Postnuptial agreements (sometimes called post-marital agreements) may be an alternative to divorce for couples in certain situations. These agreements serve as a condition to remaining married, where couples lay out their respective rights and responsibilities. If a spouse has made a mistake, and if the couple wishes to remain together, a postnuptial agreement can help them move forward with peace of mind.

In some cases, however, divorce will be an option for a couple. In these cases, we can work with our client to protect their interests during a difficult time.

Prenuptial Agreements — Protecting Your Interests as Part of Smart Planning

Couples planning for marriage should focus on the joy of a new commitment to each other. However, smart couples should also consider creation of a prenuptial agreement, especially if either spouse has been married before, has children from a previous marriage or has assets that require special protection. Their prenuptial agreement should set out what will happen in the event of a divorce and/or death — just in case.

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