Child Custody in a Collaborative Setting

Issues concerning children are the most important and sensitive issues in all of divorce law. In many cases, a parent has somewhat conflicting feelings about how to handle custody and visitation. You may know what kind of arrangement you want, but you also know that a different arrangement would be better for your children.

At Ostertag O’Leary Barrett & Faulkner, we have helped families resolve child custody issues in the Hudson Valley for decades. Our firm believes strongly in the benefits of using collaborative law to settle divorce and custody issues. The collaborative process allows parents to confront and work through the range of emotions that make custody disputes so difficult.

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How Does the Collaborative Process Resolve Child Custody?

The collaborative process is about asking questions and gaining a real understanding of not only your own position, but also the positions of your spouse and your children. You and your spouse will work with one or more specialists who will help you approach custody in a productive, cooperative way. The specialist will help you consider many things, such as:

  • Parenting plans
  • Would our family be better served by a primary parent arrangement of a shared parenting arrangement?
  • The child’s schooling
  • Whether the child will be brought up in a certain religious faith

What if You Need to Modify Custody?

Life goes on after divorce, and sometimes major changes happen. When they do, you may want to change your parenting plan. If you used the collaborative divorce method, you may wish to return to the collaborative process to decide how to modify the arrangements. We will sit down with you, gain an understanding of what has changed and work toward a solution that fits your new needs.

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