Photo of Sharon M. Faulkner And Maura A. Barrett

We Take The Time To Listen

Photo of Sharon M. Faulkner And Maura A. Barrett

We Take The Time To Listen

Help For Child Custody And Visitation

Ostertag O'Leary Barrett & Faulkner takes a holistic approach to solving the legal challenges that affect children. This means that, when we take a case, we look at the entire picture to highlight potential sources of conflict and options for solutions. Our diverse backgrounds and extensive legal experience help us to do this.

We then develop a strategy for success. This strategy is based on years of experience in New York state courtrooms, including knowledge of the ways children are often affected by our state’s laws and courtroom procedures.

Compassionate And Professional Skill

Our attorneys are strong advocates while providing caring and compassionate legal representation for families facing legal issues related to child custody and guardianship. We have the knowledge and experience to help families obtain the best possible results in these areas.

Child Custody

When parents face a family law conflict, like a divorce, the effects of legal action on their children are often some of their greatest concerns. We understand. Our team of experienced attorneys works hard to protect the best interests of children in child custody matters.

We effectively represent your interests in your parenting time, including custody arrangements and visitation schedules, as well as issues related to ‘legal custody’ and parental responsibility.  We can also assist with matters involving the relocation of a parent or ‘move aways.’


Our attorneys also protect children and family relationships by offering highly qualified legal representation in the area of guardianships. We understand that families often face unique challenges and that parents are sometimes unable to care for their children. Our attorneys take action to put guardianships in place and to protect parents’ rights to be with their children.

Let Us Protect You And Your Children

When you are facing child custody and visitation issues, let us help you secure the best possible outcome for you and your family. Contact our office in Poughkeepsie by calling us at 845-330-0650 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation and begin building a strategy that you can rely on.