Collaborative Family Law

Seeking Peaceable, Practical Divorce Solutions

For most people, the word “divorce” conjures images of shouting matches and aggressive lawyers fighting it out in court. Contentious litigation has certainly been the most common way to end a marriage in the U.S., but a recent development in the law provides a more civilized, fulfilling way to transition out of marriage.

That development is called collaborative family law, and at Ostertag O’Leary Barrett & Faulkner, we believe that it offers parents and children a brighter post-divorce future than traditional litigation. The collaborative process allows you and your spouse to control your own destiny rather than put it in the hands of a judge. It emphasizes cooperation and respect over arguing and bitterness, and it gives you the means to solve your problems by working together, not against each other.

Understanding Collaborative Law

In the collaborative process, you work with a team of people who are all dedicated to finding constructive solutions to divorce-related issues. With the help of financial specialists, divorce coaches and child specialists, you can use collaborative family law to decide all the issues that arise in a divorce, including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support and spousal maintenance/alimony
  • Property division

Collaborative law is really a mindset. When spouses, attorneys and the other team members are committed to finding workable solutions, the process is powerful. The commitment to negotiate respectfully is the cornerstone of collaborative law. In fact, at the beginning of the process, you, your spouse and your lawyers all sign an agreement pledging to stay out of court. This gives everyone an incentive to communicate openly and work toward long-term resolutions.

It is possible to end your marriage the way it started: with both of you reaching an agreement. Collaborative law can help you get there.

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