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Photo of Sharon M. Faulkner And Maura A. Barrett

We Take The Time To Listen

Experienced Spousal Maintenance And Alimony Representation

Each marriage is different, but when the assets and income that formerly supported one household must be divided to support two, financial difficulties can arise. To ease the transition, a judge may award spousal maintenance (commonly called alimony) to be paid by one spouse to the other.

At Ostertag O'Leary Barrett & Faulkner, we have more than 25 years of experience in family law, and we have helped thousands of people resolve issues of spousal maintenance.

Whether you are seeking alimony or are obligated to pay, we will work hard to ensure that you are treated fairly. Our goal is to help you achieve financial stability following divorce.

Understanding Alimony

In New York, two types of alimony (also referred to as spousal support or spousal maintenance) may be awarded in a divorce case.

They are:

  • Temporary maintenance: This type of alimony is paid while the divorce process is ongoing. The amount awarded is determined according to guidelines established in 2010. The guidelines are flexible, making it critical to work with an attorney who understands the law, and can use it to make sure you do not overpay or you receive the alimony to which you are entitled.
  • Permanent maintenance: This type of alimony is ordered as part of the final divorce judgment. Although it is called “permanent alimony,” the payments end if certain events take place, including remarriage of the receiving spouse. We also have statutory guidelines in place for determining post-divorce or permanent alimony/maintenance.

Further, when determining permanent alimony, a judge may consider many factors, including:

  • Each spouse’s age
  • Each spouse’s education
  • Health
  • Income history and potential employment opportunities
  • Length of marriage

Let Our Experience Be Your Advantage

No matter what you are trying to overcome in your divorce, make sure you have an attorney with the knowledge and skills you can count on to help you. Come meet with us at our office in Poughkeepsie by calling us at 845-330-0650 or emailing us here. If you are facing divorce, or think you may be soon, now is the best time to contact an attorney, so act today.