Voluntary, Transparent & Respectful

In addition to collaborative divorce and the more traditional methods of dispute resolution, we also offer mediation as an option for our clients. Mediation is a non-adversarial dispute resolution process that takes place away from the courtroom. Ms. Barrett assists parties in settling their disputes during a series of meetings with the parties. She offers both ‘attorney assisted mediation’ – where parties choose lawyers to assist them during the mediation process and ‘parties only mediation’ – where the parties may consult with attorneys before and after the mediation sessions but the attorneys do not attend the meetings with the mediator. In either format, your mediator is impartial and will work on behalf of both you and your spouse.

Ms. Barrett uses her almost 25 years of experience in the family law/divorce arena together with her mediation training (she is certified through the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers) to facilitate discussion between parties and assist them in reaching a written, mediated settlement agreement.

Couples can choose to mediate any or all of the financial, visitation and custody issues which accompany any divorce/relationship breakup including division of the martial estate, pension rights, maintenance, child support and custody. Mediation facilitates more creative and self-guided solutions for couples.

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